Tapchess on htc G1
Tapchess Trainer
Tapchess is a chess training application for Android devices. We are ourself chess players and we know that a good training tool should provide you guidance during the exercise, while keeping track of your progress and deal effectively with variations.
For these reasons Tapchess will:
  • Handle variations asking you different questions for different possibilities in the position
  • Backtrack moves between variations automatically
  • Provide you an hint when you need help
  • Provide you a solution when you have no clue...
  • Keep track of your score and performance
Take a look at our videos and screenshots.

Volume 1 contains 110 tactical exercises of various difficulty suited for every level of play from beginner to candidate master. All the exercises are taken from real games between chess masters and reproduce typical situations that occur in over the board play.
Tapchess will definitely help you to improve your chess ! Try it now!